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Expat jobs Netherlands, if you are looking for expat jobs in Amsterdam and surrounding maybe you
can find one on this page.
Especially for expats who are looking for expat jobs in Amsterdam and surroundings we have compiled
a list of available jobs in the neighborhood of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is an old European capital city with a modern outlook.
As such, it offers plenty of unique opportunities for internationals looking to develop their career.
There is a wide variety of expat jobs to explore and a rich vein of Amsterdam companies and international businesses established here, all looking to grow and flourish by hiring top talents from around the world.
As well as major Dutch brands, some 2,500 international companies are established in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and that number is increasing annually.
For an expat who wants to live at work in Amsterdam there are plenty of interesting expat jobs in Amsterdam.

Newcomers to the Netherlands are often keen to comment on the informal atmosphere and flexibility of the Dutch work environment. The standard work week is 40 hours, but many companies are open to flexible work hours, such as a four-day week. There are some 178 nationalities that make up the modern-day fabric of Amsterdam so internationals have no trouble feeling at home here.
English is as prevalent on the street as it is as the primary business language in a growing number of companies, so while it’s always recommended to learn Dutch, you can certainly get going in the city with English as your basis.

Benefits for expats
The renowned work-life balance and quality of life are key benefits of working in Amsterdam.
For highly skilled migrants coming to the Netherlands to work, a major fiscal benefit is the 30% ruling tax advantage.
Good luck with finding a job in Amsterdam !

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