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Housing service, living as an expat in Amsterdam can be pretty expensive.
An important housing decision is if you will buy or rent a house in Amsterdam.

Housing service

Expats Amsterdam can help you help you finding the right house during your stay in the Netherlands.
It doesn’t matter if you want to buy or rent, we can help you with the entire process.

Rent is often much more expensive compared with the monthly costs when you buy a house with a mortgage.
With rent you are more flexible, this is important if you don’t know how long you will stay in the Netherlands.
These housing questions, buy or rent a house, are important.

Expats Amsterdan helps expats to make a good decision if it is better to buy or rent a house during
their stay in the Netherlands

When you buy a house it is good to know how the process is of buying a house in the Netherlands works.
When you choose to rent a house you need to know in which conditions you can rent and how the renting contract works.
We can help in this process of renting or buying with our housing service.

Expats Amsterdam is an expert in advising expats with housing in Amsterdam and surroundings.
Expats Amsterdam gives housing service so you know exactly how the financial numbers are when you buy or rent a house.
Also we will inform you about the financial risks you take when you decide to buy a house in the Netherlands.
Feel free to contact us. The first meeting is free of charge.