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The Dutch housing market is becoming increasingly more attractive for investors. The return of investment is high and in interested rates are low. Renting a house is great way to increase your monthly income. You can invest your own savings in a house, but you can also apply for a buy to let mortgage. Expats Amsterdam helps you to get the best mortgage for your buy to let property. We are specialized in expat mortgages which makes us a perfect partner for your investment. Contact us now for a free appointment.

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Conditions for a buy to let mortgage.

The conditions for a buy to let mortgage are different as opposed to applying for a personal mortgage. Expats must have spent a least three years living and working in the Netherlands. The minimum gross income should be at least € 45,000.- a year.

The bank provides 70% of the value of the property, which means that the remaining amount needs to be financed with cash.

The bank has a few more conditions for a buy to let property. A apartment needs to have a permanent occupant. Short-term rental is not allowed.

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Specialized in expat mortgages

We are specialised in the Dutch housing market, so if you are interested in investing in a property – we can help. We can lead you through the entire process of buying a house and make sure that the property will be rented out to reliable tenants. And that is not all! We also take care of all the administration work and maintenance of your property. Please, feel free to contact us and plan a free consultation!

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  • "Would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank and especially Patrick Daas for his impressive high level of service he provided during the entire process of buying a house in Netherlands. I found Patrick extremely patient, always reachable and smiling, willing to help in any possible way. As I’m not local it was really helpful from him to provide comprehensive information about buying house in the Netherlands, consult on the regions best to live, give his expertise on the price\value of the selling houses and house conditions, organize notary and mortgage, lead negotiations on the price, etc. Would certainly suggest and indeed Patrick to my friends."

    Yaroslav Khramov
  • "I have received taxation and finacial consultancy services from Expat Amsterdam (EA) starting from 2012. The service I have received from EA has been timely, intimate and thrustful and includes all necessary feedbacks and informations as necessary to assisst in making critical finacial decisions and has minimized the need for my personal intervention. In this regard I would express my satisfaction of the service I have received till now."

    Nasir Sahabi

  • "I met Patrick Daas, I was looking for help to figure out how to set up my one person business in Amsterdam. Little did I know I was meeting a whole lot more help than I thought. Nowadays Patrick takes care of our taxes, business and personal, and recently he helped us to buy our very first home in Amsterdam, saving a lot of money in the process. Hiring Patrick was the best single financial decision I made since we moved to The Netherlands. The guy is a wizard!"

    Daniel Duclos

    Ducs Amsterdam
  • "Patrick Daas has guided us throughout the process of getting our new home in Amsterdam. He was available every step of the way and made the process of getting a mortgage easy and worry free. As expats, it was difficult for us to communicate with the bank and other authorities as well as making the right decisions - Patrick Daas was there to answer any question with patience and a smile. We look forward to working with him in the future."

    Dan-el Khen
  • Patrick takes care of all our taxes in the Netherlands and he's great, extremely fast and efficient. Being a foreigner, sometimes it's difficult to know what you can do or not in terms of taxes. Patrick knows all the nuances of Dutch law and manages to bring us back a big amount of money every year, that we wouldn't get without his help. Paying his service is a great investment.

    Aline Lickel & Rodrigo Bernardo Pimentel