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If you are planning to stay for a short period in Amsterdam or somewhere else in the Netherlands, it is probably wiser to rent house Amsterdam instead of buying one.
If you rent a house in Amsterdam the advantages are, that rental costs will be fixed throughout the year, contract can be ended easily if you need to leave, and the costs of repairs and maintenance are covered by the landlord.
Big disadvantages are that your yearly rent can increase and that you are not building up a capital.

Most expats living in the Netherlands often have a good income.
As a result, they do not qualify for the cheaper priced rental houses, offered through the various (municipal) agencies.
As an expat you will therefore have to look for a house on the private rental market, which is managed by estate agents, private owners and ‘high street’ housing agencies.
The rental prices for these houses are considerably higher than accommodation found through a
municipal housing agency or a housing association, but these houses are usually immediately available.

The prices of houses are much higher in the city of Amsterdam than in the surrounding villages.
In Amsterdam prices of € 1.250 – € 2.500 are normal.
At the start of a rental period a deposit will almost always be charged, equal to 1 or 2 month’s rent.
This amount will be (partly) repaid to you when you leave the house/apartment in good order.

We will briefly discuss the two most important subjects about renting a house in Amsterdam.

1) Rent a House in Amsterdam: States of furnishing

Houses for rent are available in three different states of furnishing:

Bare (kaal)
There are no carpets, curtains, light fittings, furniture and so on.
There will be probably a fitted kitchen.
Built-in appliances such as a cooker and possibly a fridge or dishwasher may be present.

Soft-furnished (gestoffeerd)
The fittings will include everything in the ‘bare’ category, and also carpets and curtains.

Furnished (gemeubileerd)
Completely furnished – generally including appliances, cutlery, crockery, bed linen, and so on.

2) Rent a House in Amsterdam: The rental contract

Dutch housing rental contracts generally consist of the actual contract plus ‘General Terms and Conditions’.
Major points to look for in the contract are:

– The full rental price (whether it includes service charges and energy bills);
– The correct deposit (one or two months’ rent is normal);
– The correct date of entry;
– Duration of the contract. Most are fixed for one year, with a notice period of one month.
– Who is responsible for maintenance and repairs?
Make sure it is clear who looks after the garden as well as the building;
– The ‘diplomatic clause’. It is advisable for expats to insist on a clause allowing them to break the contract quickly if they need to return to their home country unexpectedly.

If you want to rent a house in Amsterdam, we have a broad list of houses that are available for rent.
Expats Amsterdam helps expats with finding a house to rent in the Netherlands.
Feel free to contact us. The first meeting is free of charge