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Each mortgage lender has his own Dutch mortgages rates. Their height depends on many factors.
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Dutch mortgage rates

Dutch mortgages rates depend on:

Value-to-loan ratio
This is the ratio between the value of the house and the value of the mortgage loan.
In order to cover the risk, the interest margin required by the mortgage lender increases with the rise of the percentage of that ratio.

The maximum mortage in the Netherlands is 102% of the market value of a house. Applying for a mortgage of 102% will give you the highest interest rate premium is applied. The lower the mortgage will be in relation to the market value, the lower the interest rate will be.

Fixed rate term
The period for which the mortgages rates are fixed.
The longer you decide to have the mortgage rates fixed, the higher they will be.

If you know how long your stay in the Netherlands will be makes it easier to decide for which period you want to fix the mortgage rate. Most expats choose a fixed mortgage rate between 1 and 10 years.
You can see this in the table below.

Most popular Dutch mortgages rates among expats

Fixed period National Mortgage Guarantee 80% market value 102% market value
1 year 1,40% 1,65% 2,10%
5 years 1,50% 1,70% 2,15%
7 years 1,65% 1,80% 2,25%
10 years 1,75% 1,85% 2,35%


National Mortgage Guarantee
Is National Mortgage Guarantee applicable?
The value-to-loan ratio is important for the risk storage on a mortgage rate.

The National Mortgage Guarantee reduces the risks on the Dutch mortgage market by insuring banks against payment defaults.
If National Mortgage Guarantee is applicable, you will get the lowest mortgage rates, because the risk of a future debt is almost zero for the mortgage lender.

You can see this in the risk table.

Risk table (average of mortgage providers)

Mortgage / House value National Mortgage Guarantee 60% market value 80% market value 100% market value 102% market value
Risk Storage 0% 0,1% 0,2% 0,6% 0,7%

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