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Nowadays it is also possible to get German mortgage rates in the Netherlands.
German mortgage rates are cheaper than the Dutch mortgage rates, but also have different terms and conditions

We will indicate what the terms and conditions are, the pros and cons of the German mortgage and discuss how you can apply for a German mortgage.

1) German mortgage rates: Conditions

The terms of mortgages are very extensive, so we discuss in the table below the main conditions.
If you have specific questions please contact Expats Amsterdam.

Conditions     German mortgage    Dutch mortgage  
Mortgage and value Up to 70% market value Up to 104% market value
Income Income from employment Income from employment
Income from business
Income from rent
Income from assets
Maximum term mortgage 20 years 30 years
Pledge Houses Houses
Apartments Apartment
House boats


An important conditions of the German mortgage is that you have income from employment.
The market value of your home can be financed only up to 70%, so you need to bring in own savings.

2) German mortgage rates: Advantages and disadvantages

The German mortgage is particularly known because the German mortgage rates are low.
However, there are also a disadvantages to the German mortgage when you compare them with the Dutch mortgage.

Advantage German mortgage Disadvantage German mortgage
Low mortgage rates Penalty regime termination mortgage within 10 years.
Especially if you think to leave around 5 to 7 year the Netherlands this is important.
No final age used for mortgage Future salary increases within six months are not included in the calculations for the mortgage


You can get the German mortgage rates with the help of Expats Amsterdam.
Because there are many conditions and requirements it is best to contact us, so we can tell you whether you may qualify for a mortgage and if the German mortgage will be better than a Dutch mortgage.

Feel free to contact us. The first meeting is free of charge.