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There are many mortgage providers to choose from.
You or your mortgage advisor can compare the mortgage providers to see which one is the best for you.

Mortgage providers have their own mortgage rates, products, rules and conditions on the granting of a mortgage.
Among the mortgage providers we see banks from the Netherlands and abroad , insurance companies, pension funds and investment companies.

Mortgage providers and mortgage rates

There are mortgage providers who are sharp with their mortgage rates for a certain fixed period.

Banks are normally sharp in the fixed period between 1 year and 10 years.
Examples of banks who are mortgage providers are:

– ABN Amro
– Argenta
– Rabobank
– Obvion
– Delta Lloyd
– Bank of Scotland
– Florius

Insurance companies are normal sharp in the fixed period between 10 year and 30 years.
Examples of insurance companies who are mortgage providers are:

– Aegon
– Nationale Nederlanden
– Achmea

The pension funds and invest companies are sharp at all levels. Examples of pension funds and investment companies are:

– Munt
– Bijbouwe
– Hypotrust
– Attens

Mortgage providers and rules and conditions

Especially for expats, there are many differences between the mortgage providers looking at the rules and conditions.
Some mortgage providers don’t provide mortgages to expats if they don’t have a permanent residence permit.
Other mortgage providers can give a mortgage even if there is no permanent residence permit.
Because all mortgage providers have different rules and conditions it is important you will get good assistance of a mortgage advisor who can guide you in this process

Generally expats can get a mortgage if your income is high enough to pay the monthly mortgage cost and:

– you have a nationality from European Union, Switzerland, Norway or Liechtenstein
– if you have different nationality you need a permanent residence permit, only if you are a knowledge migrant
there are mortgage providers how will provide a mortgage.

Expats Amsterdam is the expert in helping expats to compare all mortgage providers so you know where you can get a mortgage
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