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Maximum mortgage loan drops in 2015

Next year the amount of the maximum mortgage will drop.
This also was the case in 2014.
In the calculation will be looked at the purchasing power of different income groups.
After calculating this,  the amount a household can spend at a mortgage will decline.

What you can do ?

If you are busy with the buy of a house and you need a mortgage soon, apply this year for a mortgage offer.
If you get an offer in 2014 you can still loan under the conditions of 2014 instead of 2015.
Because more people will do this, banks already gave up date’s when you have to applied for your mortgage to get it under the conditions of 2014.

How big are the differences ?

It depends of your income, if you have more people in your household that have an income and the mortgage rates.

Example 1
There is one income of € 55.000 gross and the mortgage interest rate is 3%.

2014 € 314.275 maximum
2015 € 296.485 maximum

Example 2
There is one income of € 55.000 gross and one of € 25.000, mortgage interest rate is 3%.

2014 € 478.825 maximum
2015 € 444.225 maximum
You can see that there are big differences depending of your situation. If you need the conditions of 2014 be quick
because you will have around 2 weeks to apply for a mortgage.

If you want to calculate what you can loan in 2014 go to the mortgage calculators.
If you need advice or if you looking for a company that can apply for your mortgage feel free to contact Expats Amsterdam.