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Buy a house in Amsterdam with our package deal

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The process to buy a house in Amsterdam can be exciting as well as stressful, especially if you don’t have detailed knowledge
of the process, market or legal obligations.
Expats Amsterdam is a specialist in the process of buying a house in Amsterdam as well in arranging the mortgage for the house.

We have created a special deal for expats who will use our agent service to buy a house and our mortgage service to finance it.
This deal is called package deal. The price for the package deal is € 6.000.
With this deal you will save thousands of euro’s.



What is included in the package deal ?

You will get full guidance in buying the house and getting the best mortgage.
Before we will start with the process of buying a house we will first start with a full financial check.
After this financial check all parties know what the possibilities are to get a mortgage, how high the maximum mortgage is
and how high your monthly cost will be. Here below an overview of costs if you would buy a house of € 400.000.

  • Agent
  • Mortgage
  • Total
  • Total after tax refund

Average in market

  • € 6.350
  • € 3.000
  • € 9.350
  • € 8.150

Expats Amsterdam standard

  • € 4.235
  • € 3.000
  • € 7.235
  • € 6.035


Included in the package deal

Real-estate agent

  • Searches for properties
  • Visits property where you want to make a bid for
  • Checks local development plans
  • Checks property condition
  • Checks leasehold
  • Checks environmental issues
  • Checks owners’ association
  • Conducts negotiations
  • Checks purchase contract conditions
  • Checks the notary deeds and final invoice
  • Accompanies you to the notary
  • Helping you with the connection off water/gas/electricity at your new address
  • Helping you with the internet & television connection at your new address

Mortgage advisor

  • Investigate you possibilities in getting a mortgage
  • Compare all mortgage providers on conditions, products and interest rates
  • Advice which mortgage is the best for you
  • Mortgage application at any mortgage lender in the Netherlands
  • Advice and application of a life insurance
  • Application for your monthly tax return in the first year of your mortgage
  • Application of housing insurances
  • Checking notary documents before you sign the ownersdeed and mortgage deed

Are you interested in buying a house in Amsterdam or surroundings areas?
We offer you a free meeting to provide you more information with no obligations, either face-to-face, by telephone or Skype.
Feel free to contact us. The first meeting is always free of charge.