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A lot of the expats that are working in the Netherlands are highly skilled migrants.
Highly skilled migrants Netherlands have an special scheme, the so called highly skilled migrant scheme.
This scheme makes it often easier to start working in the Netherlands.The procedure of the permit application is also rapid.

We will briefly explain who is define as a highly skilled migrant Netherlandss, how to use the highly skilled migrant  scheme and information about the permit proces.

Highly skilled migrant Netherlands scheme

It applies to jobs with a gross salary of over € 52.462 or € 38.465 for under 30 years in the year 2014.
These salary bands don’t apply to teaching and academic positions which are also covered by the scheme.
Foreign students who have completed an HBO/WO (higher education) course can file an application  with the IND to remain in the Netherlands for a year to look for a job.
This is known as a zoekjaar/search year and during this period they are not eligible for social benefits and must  support themselves financially. During this year they do not need a separate work permit in order to work.
If they find an appropriate job (minimum salary € € 27.565 for new graduates) they can apply for residence  under the highly skilled migrant scheme.

The amounts of the minimum salary will change yearly.
You can find the actuel numbers here.

Highly skilled migrant Netherlands residence and work permit

This process is not so different then the normal procedure, read residence permit and work permit.
The main differences are:

Start working straight away highly skilled migrant needs to get an MVV while staying abroad before applying
for a residence  permit in the Netherlands.
With an MVV under this scheme, it is possible to start work straight away, while waiting for the residence permit
to come through. Some applicants, who don’t specifically need an MVV, also get an MVV for this reason.
The sponsoring employer deals with the residence and MVV application.

No application for a work permit
You don’t need to apply for a work permit.To start the procedure the form “Application for admission to the skilled migrant scheme” has to be send to the IND.

Rapid procedure
The procedure “Application for admission to the skilled migrant scheme”  takes maximum 2 weeks.

Fees that have to be paid for the procedure to work as a highly skilled migrant € 861.
The costs can change every year, see the actuel costs here.

For more information about highly skilled migrant Netherlands go to the website of the IND.
Also feel free to contact Expats Amsterdam.