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If you want to stay in the Netherlands you will need a residence permit Netherlands.
Which permit you need depends of your country of origin, purpose for coming to the Netherlands,
income, age and period of residency.
Other requirements include no criminal record, proof of sufficient means of support,
Dutch health insurance and no risk to public order, national peace or security.

Residene permit Netherlands : Stay of 3 months or less

If your stay is three months or less and you are not an EU or EEA citizen, your situation may require a visa.
The visa grants you the right to stay in the Netherlands.
You do not need a visa if you are from the EU or EER.
You can apply for a visa at the Dutch embassy or consulate in your home country or country of permanent residence.

Residence permit Netherlands : Stay longer than 3 months

If you want to stay longer than three months, you have to apply for a residence permit Netherlands.
Which permit you need depends of many things.
Read below to see which permit you need and what the process will be. We also advice to check the IND residence wizzard.

You are a national of an EU or EEA country or Switzerland
You must register at the municipal personal records database (GBA).
You have to do this within 5 days in the municipality where you plan to live.
After 3 months you should also register the IND  (Immigration and Naturalization Service) and receive a sticker in your passport.
Registration with the GBA triggers the start of other processes and proof of registration is essential for many more.
The details you give when you register (such as the size of your apartment and family) determine charges for water
and refuse collection, prompts the local health department to contact you regarding checkups for your children
and eligibility to register for social housing.

Also the burgerservicenummer(BSN) is issued here and you will need a BSN to open a bank account.
In Amsterdam and The Hague, there’s a central location where non-Dutch nationals register for the first time.
You need to make an appointment and all members of your family (regardless of age) must be present
at the first interview. Once you have registered, contact the IND to make an appointment regarding
the residence permit Netherlands (if required).

If you are a Croation citizin you can not register with the IND.
You can apply for an EU residence permit (proof of lawful residence).

You are a relative of a citizen of an EU or EEA country or Switzerland

You must register at the municipal personal records database (GBA).
You then must request the form ‘Application for verification against Community Law’ at the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service).
If you are regarded as a family member of a Union citizen, you will receive an EU / EEA residence document.

You or a relative don’t have the national of an EU or EEA country or Switzerland

You need a residence permit Netherlands and also in most cases you will need an MVV (authorisation for a temporary stay)
to enter the Netherlands.  The MVV is a special visa to enter Netherlands.

You can apply for the MVV at the Dutch embassy or consulate in your country or country of permanent stay.
For this you need in most cases a sponsor (a referent) in the Netherlands.
The sponsor is the person you wish to stay or the organization that your stay in the Netherlands regulates.
The MVV application is sent to the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Department (IND), who should deny or
grant you the MVV within three months.
If you are granted an MVV, you will receive a sticker in your passport, which allows you to travel to the Netherlands
and apply for a residence permit.
Note that an MVV does not guarantee a positive decision on your application for a residence permit.
Without this MVV, your resicence application will automatically be rejected.
If you don’t apply for MVV before entering the Netherlands you run the risk of a ban on travel to Europe.
Some people are exempted from the MVV requirement. They can directly apply in the Netherlands for a residence.

Persons who do not need an MVV:

• EU and EER nationals and Switzerland
• Nationals Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Monaco, Vatican City, South Korea or the United States
• You are coming from and living in a country which visa / MVV requirement applies, but you are a family person
who has the nationality of EU, EER or Switzerland.
• You have an EG residence permit as long-term resident issued by another EU Member State.
• If there are special circumstances why you are not able to apply fora n MVV in your own country.

Civic integration examination
To obtain an MVV must in some cases the basic integration exam abroad.
This exam tests basic knowledge of Dutch language and Dutch society.
This exam is necassary for some family-based MVV’s but not if you (or a family member) come to the
Netherlands for study, medical treatment, employment, self-employed, as a researcher or as highly skilled migrants.

Before submitting an application for an MVV, your sponsor kan ask advice to the IND about the MVV.
If the IND gives an positive advice, you know that your application has a good chance of success

Residence permit Netherlands application

If you are in the Netherlands, you must report to the police in the municipality where you will live.
You have 3 working days to do this. You’ll then need to apply for a residence permit Netherlands at the IND.
It is recommended to submit your application within 8 days after arrival.
You can do the application at the IND desk in your area after you’ve made an appointment.
This does not apply to an application for residence as a skilled migrant or as a student in higher education.
In these cases, the application submitted by the employer or educational institution.
The IND paste a sticker in your passport which you can demonstrate that you live lawfully in the Netherlands.
The sticker can not be pasted into a passport that has been expired. The sticker may not be valid beyond the passport.
So ensure that you travel with a passport with a sufficient period of validity and concern for extending
the validity of the passport on time.  The procedure can take some time.
Sometimes your documents are checked by the IND in the country of origin.
The IND takes whitin 6 months a decision.

Highly skilled migrant scheme

This scheme is initiated by an employer authorised to admit highly skilled migrant applicant.
It applies to jobs with a gross salary of over € 52.462 or € 38.465 for under 30 years.
These salary bands don’t apply to teaching and academic positions which are also covered by the scheme.
A highly skilled migrant needs to get an MVV while staying abroad before applying for a residence permit in the Netherlands. With an MVV under this scheme, it is possible to start work straight away, while waiting for the residence permit to come through. (Some applicants, who don’t specifically need an MVV, also get an MVV for this reason).
The sponsoring employer deals with the residence and MVV application.

Foreign students who have completed an HBO/WO (higher education) course can file an application with the
IND to remain in the Netherlands for a year to look for a job.
This is known as a search year  and during this period they are not eligible for social benefits and must support themselves financially.
During this year they do not need a separate work permit in order to work.
If they find an appropriate job (minimum salary € 27.565 for new graduates) they can apply for residence under the highly skilled migrant scheme.

What kind of residence permit Netherlands ?

A temporary residence permit is issued initially for a fixed period with a maximum of five years.
Most permits are issued for one year (and can then be renewed).
Those issued for work or the highly skilled migrant scheme can be longer – up to a maximum of five years.
After five years of legal residence you can apply for a permanent residence permit or consider naturalisation.

Costs residence permit Netherlands

The cost of the permit depends of many factors. Important is the lenght of the period you like to stay in the Netherlands.

To find the costs for a short stay in the Netherlands you can find here.
If you like to stay longer in the Netherlands the costs will be higher, all the costs for a longer
stay in the Netherlands you can find here

If you need more information about the residence permit Netherlands feel free to contact Expats Amsterdam.
You can also contact the IND or check out the IND website with all the information about residence in the Netherlands..