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Work permit Netherlands is required if you want to work in the Netherlands.
If you have a residence permit for the stay in the Netherlands you still require a work permit to work
in the Netherlands . An exception is a residence permit stating free access to the labour market.
In this case a work permit is not required.

A work permit allows an employer to employ a worker from outside the EEA within the duration
s validity.  The employer is responsible for requesting the permit.
The permit applies only to the employee and the work for which authorization is sought.
A work permit Netherlands is valid up to three years.

“UWV Werkbedrijf” decides which work permit foreign workers get.
UWV may issue work permits with limited validity.

Work permit Netherlands, permit for up to three years

A work permit Netherlands is valid up to three years. If a foreign worker has a residence permit for paid
employment for three years without interruption, usually qualify for a residence permit at
the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) with the notation “labor freely permitted.
The permit is then no longer necessary.

Work permit Netherlands, permit for less than three years

There are four types of work permits Netherlands for less than three years:

• A temporary, non-renewable permit for temporary, short-term work.
This permit is valid up to 24 weeks.

• A temporary, renewable license.
This license shall not exceed three years.
After three years, the foreign employee is eligible for a residence permit with the notation “labor is freely permitted.

• A temporary, non-renewable license for certain functions.

An employer usually needs a work permit Netherlands for workers without EEA nationality
(comprises the countries of the European Union together with Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).
The employer only gets the work permit when nobody in the Netherlands and the European Union
is available to fill the position.

Your employer doesn’t have to apply for a work permit if :

• you have a valid Dutch residence permit or a stamp from the Aliens Police or the IND which states
‘Arbeid vrij toegestaan, TWV niet vereist’ (Free to work, no work permit needed);

• you have a sticker in your passport with the notation “labor is freely permitted.
This sticker is a limited time. The validity is indicated on the sticker itself;

• you have a residence permit for “self-employment, as long as the work covered by the work for
which the permit was issued;

• if you have your main residence outside the Netherlands and work out where you occasional
and short-term work in the Netherlands. Think of musicians, lecturers and journalists;

• you work for an organization with which the Dutch government has signed an international agreement
that no permit may be required;

• If you are a highly skilled migrant;

Highly skilled migrant

It applies to jobs with a gross salary of over € 52.462 or € 38.465 for under 30 years in the year 2014.
These salary bands don’t apply to teaching and academic positions which are also covered by the scheme.
Foreign students who have completed an HBO/WO (higher education) course can file an application  with the IND to remain in the Netherlands for a year to look for a job.
This is known as a zoekjaar/search year and during this period they are not eligible for social benefits and must  support themselves financially. During this year they do not need a separate work permit in order to work.
If they find an appropriate job (minimum salary € € 27.565 for new graduates) they can apply for residence  under the highly skilled migrant scheme.
The amounts of the minimum salary will change yearly.

For a full list of income requirements go to yhe website IND.

Work permit Netherlands application

The employer can apply for a work permit at CWI Juridische Zaken, Bureau Tewerkstellingsvergunningen.
The statutory time to process an application is five weeks.
Rapid procedure for highly skilled migrant
You don’t need to apply for a work permit.
To start the procedure the form “Application for admission to the skilled migrant scheme”
has to be send to the IND. The IND decides in within 2 weeks of your request for admission of a skilled migrant.
More information about the procedure is available on the CWI website.
For mor information about the highly skilled migrant scheme go to the IND website.

Work permit Netherlands costs

The cost of a permit depends of the purpose of your stay. To work as an employee € 861
To work as a highly skilled migrant € 861. For u full list of cost see the IND website.

We advice you to check out the IND website so you can find all the information you need.
If you need advice with the application of your work permit Netherlands feel free to contact Expats Amsterdam.