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Expats Amsterdam offers a wide range of expat services to expats who are living and working in the Netherlands.
After years of advising we have a wide range of expat services.

Expat services:

• Expat tax services
• Mortgage services
• Insurance Netherlands
• Housing services
• Permits services
• Financial planning
• Administration services

In the first year you come to the Netherlands it is always wise to use our expat tax services because the chance you will get a tax refund is high.
Also you will need to live somewhere. Often your employer will help you find a place to live, but you can also contact us because we a special housing expat  services.
We can help you with renting our buying a house.

There are a lot of more services we provide that can be very useful for you.
Check out our services to find out how we can be useful for you.
Our price list can be downloaded,  pricelist Expats Amsterdam.

Beside the expat services we provide, we also have a wide network of experts who we can use for all other
expat services you need. Think about investing advice, pension advice or even arranging a loan.

Feel free to contact us about any expat service you are looking for. The first appointment is always free of charge.

There are also government organizations who made a service desk for international companies and their highly skilled migrant employees.
Expat Center Amsterdam is the most know.They provide services for expats and they can give you useful information.
It is also usefull to check the website of Expat Center Amsterdam.