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With our administration service for expats we will take care that you don’t have to worry about important administration
subjects. When you  arrive in the Netherlands a lot of administrations has to be done.
Examples of subjects  that have to be arranged:

– Register in the municipality
– Contact with IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service) about permits.
– Rent contracts for a house
– Application for water, gas and electricity
– Application of telephony, television and internet.
– Applications for required insurances (health and liability)

Even when you are settled in the Netherlands you have to do some administration.
Because the most communication is in Dutch it can be difficult for you to understand.
Especially for the expats who don’t want spend time at doing their administration or just want to be sure that everything is
done correct we offer our administration services.

We can work on hour declaration or on a monthly fixed price.
For more information about our prices see our pricelist.

If you want to use our administration service or if you want to have more information
please contact us. The first appointment is always free of charge.