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Expats Amsterdam is helping expats in getting tax services. This we do for expats who work or have worked in the Netherlands.
With our expat tax services we can help you with all kind of tax matters.

Expat tax services

– Yearly tax return income tax
– Migration tax return
– Tax refunds for you and your partner
– Monthly tax refunds, for example for your mortgage
– 30% ruling
– Childcare
– Child benefit

In the Netherlands you pay a lot of taxes but you also have the benefits of many tax refunds and subsidy.
You don’t automatically receive the refunds and subsidies.
You have to apply for it, if you don’t take action you will not get anything.

That is why our expat tax services can be so important for you during your stay in the Netherlands.
By using the service you will know you always will receive the maximum refunds and subsidies you can get.
Also when your partner or kids live abroad, there are possibilities of getting tax refunds and subsidies from the Dutch government.

If you don’t apply for these refunds and subsidies during your stay in the Netherlands it can cost you thousands of euro’s .
If you already have left the Netherlands you can still apply for the refunds. This can be done 5 years backwards.
This means that in 2016 you can apply for tax refunds for the years 2011 to 2015.

It can be helpful for you to use our expat tax services so a professional tax advisor can take care of your tax returns in the Netherlands.
This service will be provided by the company Blue Umbrella.
In the last 10 years they have helped many expats with tax matters in the Netherlands.



About Blue Umbrella

Blue Umbrella has almost 10 years of experience serving the international community in the Netherlands.
Blue Umbrella observed a growing need for reliable and affordable tax support from the broader international community in the Netherlands. Their mission is to provide efficient and convenient tax support platform for international individuals and families settling for (temporary) work in the Netherlands.

As an English speaking interface between the international individual and the Dutch Tax Office, it act as a single point
of contact specializing in Dutch income tax refund and childcare allowance.
Over the years Blue Umbrella established a broad network of contacts within the Dutch Tax office, various Expat Centers
and the Dutch childcare community.  A unique position to support you and your family satisfactorily in the tax support you
deserve at an affordable price.

Online tax filling service

Blue Umbrella designed a novel online tax filing service aimed at the time-strapped international professionals facing a hard time complying with the Dutch tax regulations. Their tax service takes away the hassle in dealing with the Dutch Tax Office requests, often demanding a Dutch response.
Blue Umbrella offers a flat tax filing fee with no hidden costs. It takes full responsibility for the correct tax filing process.
If needed, Blue Umbrella will follow up with the Dutch Tax Office if further requests are issued.

Optimizing the Dutch tax filing service resulted in an efficient, transparent and reliable process.
The cost savings achieved by the online tax information collection process allows Blue Umbrella to offer it
tax filing service at a comparatively low rate.

Open your free online account at Blue Umbrella by clicking on the logo to get started getting your tax refunds.

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