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Financial planning should be an important part during your stay in the Netherlands.
If you want to achieve financial goals, it is wise to have a plan.
Financial planning will help you to clarify which goals are realistic to achieve and how you can achieve them.

With financial planning we work with 5 steps.

Financial Planning

1. Set Goals

2. Assess your current situation

3. Make a financial plan

4. Put your financial plan into action

5. Review your plan regularly

The advantages you will have when working with financial planning:

– You feel more confident about your financial future (retirement, future costs of children)
– It encourages you to save and invest for important things in your life
– It enables you to ensure your family is protected
– You’ll worry less about your family’s financial security if you get unemployed or disabled
– It helps you find opportunities to grow your wealth – and make your savings and investments tax efficient.

The financial planners of Expats Amsterdam can help you with your financial plans and use all off the opportunities that are
available for expats. Important subject are:

– Retirement Planning
– Mortgages
– Investment Advice
– Insurances
– Inheritance Tax

Our financial planners are known with all the Dutch (tax) laws so they can help you in the best way with the financial planning.
We also work together with international experts if international (tax) laws apply.

Interested in financial planning service?
Feel free to  contact Expats Amsterdam if you need assistance with your financial plan during your stay in the Netherlands.
The first appointment is always free of charge.

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