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When moving to the Netherlands, insurance Netherlands is an important subject.
Moving to another country almost automatically means that you will be faced with a different way of life.

Getting settled will also involve finding your way through the financial system and insurances.

It is important that you have all your risks covered. You can choose to cover your risks with your savings.
Question will be if your savings will be high enough to cover all the risks.
You can also consider to insure the risks by arranging the proper insurances.

Insurance Netherlands

We have a wide range of insurances in the Netherlands:

– Life Insurance
– House Insurance
– Residential Premises Insurance
– Health insurance  (to find out if you need a health insurance, click here)
– Liability Insurance
– Legal Assistance Insurance
– Travel Insurance
– Accident Insurance
– Car Insurance
– Income insurances, cover the loss of income in case of unemployment or disability

Expats Amsterdam can advice expats for all kind of insurances in the Netherlands.
There are many insurance companies for insurance Netherlands.
To know which insurance company has the best product for you we help you by looking for the best price but also at the best terms & conditions.

If you want to use our services for insurance Netherlands feel free to contact us.
The first appointment is always free of charge.