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Expats Amsterdam offers mortgage services to expats.
With our mortgage services we can serve you on all matters that come in to play with a mortgage.

Mortgage Services

We can help you with the application of a new mortgage or make changes to an existing mortgage.
We can do business with all mortgage providers in the Netherlands.
Contact us now to plan a free meeting.

Our mortgage experts are all recognized mortgage advisors.
We have a lot of experience in arranging mortgages for expats who want to buy a house in Amsterdam and surroundings.

All mortgage providers have their mortgage rates, products, rules and conditions on granting a mortgage.
Especially for expats all mortgage providers have different rules and conditions.
That’s why it is so important that you have a good mortgage advisor who can guide you in this process.
Our mortgage services can be very helpful for you because you don’t have to visit the mortgage
providers yourself and you know we will arrange the best deal in the market for you.

You can expect high quality and service if you will use the mortgage services from Expats Amsterdam.
We take many factors into account, e.g. tax situation, your needs and plans, mortgage rates, rules & conditions of the mortgage provider, so you will get the best mortgage for your situation.

Feel free to contact us. The first meeting is always free of charge.
Before we start, we make a calculation of the costs for you.