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Taxes Netherlands, taxes in the Netherlands are high compared to other countries.
Besides paying taxes in The Netherlands you can also get a lot of tax refunds.

Taxes Netherlands

You pay income tax for the salary you receive, this can be at maximum 52% of individual income.
You also pay taxes in the Netherlands for goods that you buy.
This tax is called VAT and is 0%, 6% or 21% of the price you pay.
There are also taxes in the Netherlands when you receive a gift or an inheritance.
Even when you buy a house or a new car there are taxes in the Netherlands.

It seems like the Netherlands is too expensive to live because all of these taxes, but in the Netherlands you are not only paying a lot of taxes, you can also get a lot of tax refunds.

You get tax refunds for the mortgage interest you pay or for the costs you made for a study.
Even when you are working and your partner is not, your partner can get a refund for that.
If you have children you get an amount from the tax authority every 3 months to compensate the cost of having a child.
When you have a child there are taxes in the Netherlands to compensate the cost that you make for child care.

Especially for expats in the Netherlands there is a 30% ruling so that you have to pay less income taxes.
This is to stimulate that knowledge migrants will choose for the Netherlands to work.
Taxes in the Netherlands are otherwise too high for people of abroad to work and live in the Netherlands compared with other countries.

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