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Child benefit Netherlands is a payment from the Dutch government towards the expenses of raising a child.  Child benefit you can get if you live or work in the Netherlands and you have a child or children under 18 years.
The child benefit is paid by the SVB, this is the Social Insurance Bank.

To get child benefit in the Netherlands, you must to be insured under the AKW child benefit scheme.
You can get child benefit for bringing up and caring for children of your own, but also for:

– adopted children
– foster children
– stepchildren, or
– other children you bring up and care for as if they were your own children.

Amount of the child benefit

The amount of your child benefit depends on the age of your child.
You will get a higher amount when your child turns 6 year.
The child benefit will increase again when your child turns 12 years.

     0 to 5    6 to 11     12 to 17
per child per quarter      € 197,51     € 239,84      € 282,16


Child benefit Netherlands is paid on a quarterly basis. The payment days:

–       4th quarter: around 3th of  January

–       1st quarter: around 3th of  April

–       2nd quarter: around 3th of  July

–       3rd  quarter: around 3th of  October

Child living outside the Netherlands

Child benefit will be paid if your child lives or starts living in a country with which the Netherlands has an agreement on the verification of entitlement to benefits, including child benefit.
These countries include the Member States of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EER), and Switzerland. Child benefit can also be paid to other countries, but often only at a reduced rate. The amount payable will be adjusted to the price level of the country where your child lives.

For each country, there is a fixed percentage of the full child benefit that can be paid.

Check here if you can get a child benefit and how much the child benefit is in the country your child lives.
More information about the child benefit you can find at the website of the SVB.