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ChildcareIf your children go to day care then you are most likely eligible for a childcare Netherlands allowance.  Childcare Netherlands is a subsidy to help cover the costs of childcare.
In order to receive a childcare allowance  there are a couple of conditions.

Most important condition to get a childcare in the Netherlands allowance  are:

Both you and your partner must be employed or studying
If you are not employed, but your chances of finding work are increased if you follow,
for example a reintegration or compulsory integration course.

Your child must go to a registered childcare organization
This is the Landelijk Register Kinderopvang, see if your childcare is registered.
You can get a compensation for the cost for:

– Daycare
– School care

You only receive a compensation if you or your partner pays the cost of childcare.

Childcare Netherlands, how much can you get? 

How much childcare allowance you get depends of your income, how many hours you work and how many children use the childcare.
You will receive a percentage of the hour price of the childcare.

The number of hours worked determines childcare Netherlands allowance.
Entitlement to childcare allowance is linked to the number of hours of the partner who works the least:

– Are your children not going to school?  Then you are entitled to 140% of the hours worked.
– Do your kids go to school? Then they make less use of child care hours.
You are entitled to 70% of the hours worked.

There is a maximum hour price, daycare € 6,89 and school care € 6,42 if your child is going to a child minder these amounts
are for daycare and school care € 5,52.  Maximum hours childcare Netherlands is 230 hours a month for each child.
If you like to calculate how much you can get back go to the childcare calculator.

More information about the childcare Netherlands allowance  you can find at the website of the Dutch government.