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The tax return Netherlands has to be done each year before the 1st of May.
With the tax return in the Netherlands you report your income from the previous calendar year.
If you can’t make it to do your tax return before the 1st of May you can apply for an postponement until September,

Tax return Netherlands

In the tax return, it estimates whether sufficient tax and social security contributions are paid.
If you have not paid enough taxes, for example because the employer has not sufficiently paid via the payroll,
you will have to pay an amount back.
If too much tax is paid, for example you have deductions, you will receive a refund.

You will receive a blue envelope from the Dutch tax authorities to invite you to do the tax return Netherlands.
The tax office will send you a tax return when they believe you owe them money or when
based on previous years they know you will get a refund.

If you don’t receive a tax return form then it is the question whether you have to file a tax return Netherlands.
When you know you owe the tax office money you will have to request a tax form yourself when
you didn’t receive one. When you don’t owe them any money and you don’t have
any tax deductions there is no obligation to file a tax return.
In that case all tax you pay is the wage tax calculated in your salary slip.

The tax return Netherlands is mainly done online.
To do this online you need to have a DigiD. DigiD stands for Digital Identity
DigiD is only available to people who are registered in a Dutch municipality and have a social security number .
You can apply for a Digid here.

Migration tax return
When you arrive or leave the Netherlands during the tax year, which is the normal calendar year,
you will have to file an M form to do the tax return Netherlands.. The M stands for Migration.
After that you will receive the same tax return Dutch residents receive, the P form.
The P stands for Private individual

The tax returns for 2016 and previous years can be filed up to 5 years back.
So if you can get refund for these years it is worth doing an application.

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